Instructions for Online SA 2 Exam, 2022

Online Exam URL:

  1. Total duration of time is 65 minutes (50 minutes for attempting question (s) & 15 minutes to upload scanned pdf docs).
  2. The clock will be set at the top of screen and the times shown in the clock go in descending sequence to show you the remaining time.
  3. The question paper will consist of multiple choice questions (MCQ) and descriptive questions. First 10 questions will be MCQ and remaining questions will descriptive. All questions are to be attempted.
  4. The examination will be of maximum marks 20; 10 marks MCQ and 10 marks descriptive questions.

  5. Answering Multiple Choice Questions
  6. In multiple choice question with four options student will have to click on the correct option.
  7. The answer can be changed at any time during the examination and are saved automatically.
  8. There will be no negative marking for the wrong answers.

  9. Answering and uploading (descriptive Questions)
  10. Students will type the answers in the answer box and click on submit to upload the answers.
  11. Students can write the answers of the descriptive questions on A-4 size white papers in own handwriting (ruled or plain). The answers are to be written using black or blue pen only. Maximum two sheets may be used to answer each question.
  12. Students will write their Name, Subject, Roll Number, Date of Examination on each sheet used for answers.
  13. Students should use separate sheets to answer each question, since answer sheets are to be uploaded on the Portal question wise so that evaluation can be conducted smoothly.
  14. The students will scan/click pictures of the written pages of the answers question-wise as one file and upload the same question-wise for each question, student can upload single file (scanned all sheets together for each question) in PDF format. The size of the file should not exceeds 5 MB.
  15. Student need to ensure a working internet connection with 500MB high speed(4 MBPS) data connectivity.
  16. Student need to install anydesk/teamviewer (Download anydesk, Download teamviewer) to get support during exam for technical issue and support
  17. Student can do login check five minutes before the exam scheduled time, if have any query contact to technical support team.
  18. Student can convert image to pdf by, Or can compress pdf file by
  19. Online Unit Tests “Help Document” is available for students. Download Document or Open Video

Code of conduct

  1. You must take the exam in the same room that you scanned during the proctoring setup for the current exam.
  2. No other person is allowed to enter the room while you are taking the proctored exam.
  3. The lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered "daylight" quality. Overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not available, the source of light must not be behind you.
  4. The room must be as quiet as possible. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.
  5. You must close all other programs or windows on your testing computer before you begin the exam.
  6. You must allow your Webcam Permission before you begin the exam to till the end of exam.
  7. You must dress as though you were in a classroom in the school.
  8. You must not use headphones, ear buds, or any other type of listening equipment.
  9. You must not communicate with any other person by any means.
  10. You must not use a phone for any reason during exam.
  11. You must not leave the room during the exam for any reason, unless posted rules for the exam specifically permit you to do so.
  12. Google chrome is mandatory for Laptop, Desktop and mobile (Android only).
  13. If Start button not visible after exam time refresh Page.
  14. In case of any difficulty or problem contact to the Academic Coordinator of your school or drop a mail on:

Violation of any rule will lead to disciplinary action as per ITMGS rules and regulations

Technical Support (Team)

  1. Mr. Arpit Kushwaha : 8770351896 (WhatsApp)
  2. Miss. Urvashi Ma'am : 9907034231 (WhatsApp)
  3. Mr. Vikash Rao kadam : 9977172555 (WhatsApp)
  4. Mr. Satish Kushwah : 9770462432 (WhatsApp)
  5. Mr. Anoop Awasthi : 8319968186 (WhatsApp)

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